The Best 5 Fried / BBQ Chicken Places in Seoul

All fried chicken lovers would probably agree that Korea makes a wicked fried chicken. One wonders if it is the double frying technique or those unique batters which seem to have unending health benefits (olive oil, camellia oil, grape seed oil, rice flour etc) that makes it taste so special. When my girlfriend first introduced me to the Korean Fried Chicken, it came in a huge box delivered to the doorstep, at a mouth gaping $16! That is way cheap compared to Singaporean standards, or anywhere for that matter.

Okay, first things first. The Korean fried chicken usually comes in 3 flavors:

– Original (Simply fried, can be in various type of oil or different batter)

Yang-Nyum (Sweet and Spicy Sauced, the kind you can buy in NeNe Chicken in Star Vista at Buona Vista)

Soy Sauce with Garlic (Slightly salty but richer in flavor and smells heavenly. My favorite out of the three)

So, during my a-total-of-6 month stays in Korea (Seoul and Suwon), I tried literally ALL brands of fried chicken franchises that I could lay my hands on because they were all so good and it was just so convenient. I love free home delivery! Here’s our top 5 picks:

1) 강정이 기가막혀 (Kang Jeong Yi Ki Ga Makhyeo) Unbelievable Kang Jeong @ Edae 이대점

chicken 1


We had the Soy Sauced Flavored one called 강장강정, and it’s oh so good!!!!! It was the first Korean fried chicken I had tasted, and it’s still my favorite of all time.



Guess what it came with a free mini pepsi too!


















The whole chicken is now cleaned out. Literally.


The cutest brand.


2) 오빠닭 / 오븐에 빠진닭 (Oppa Dak, O-ben-eh Bba Jin Dak) The Chicken that fell into the Oven (what? LOL)

Okay so for this one, it’s apparently a popular chicken joint that the cool local adults hang out to catch up and grab a beer at the same time. The gangnam ones are almost always full. We had just the original one for this, but it seems that the Yang-nyum was pretty popular judging from the orders around us. On a side note, what we really loved about the place is the awesome free flow snacks that came with the food. The service is also pretty good even though we had to wait quite long for our chicken. The chicken was juicy and crispy but not sickening, so we could finish the whole chicken too.


Here’s yet another cute logo for Korean Fried Chicken. I think regional designers should take it from the Koreans, they’re just so creative, you know.



3) 굽네 치킨 (Goob-ne Chicken)

Can’t decide between ribs or chicken? Why not both? Whenever we feel like having both meats for dinner, we always turn to our trusty So-shi Chicken (Back then in 2011, the SNSD were the spokeswomen for the brand) The chicken from this brand is roasted, not fried, so it’s healthier and targeted towards the figure conscious young females.



Here’s SNSD (when everyone was still around… ) inviting you to some tasty chicken!


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Images credit to the goobne homepage

Oh! And most fried chicken franchises practice this. If you collect 10 of these thingies, you get a free whole chicken. ^^

[1]굽네치킨경복궁점55파이자석쿠폰 1


4) 훌라라치킨 (Hoolala Chicken)

After a flurry of fried chicken, we found a nice place to have spicy sauced BBQ chicken with sticky rice cakes! We’re not usually fans of spicy chicken, but this one was really good.  A small pity that even with one whole chicken, it was not really that filling for two.


Fans of Running Man should be salivating over the hunky Kim Jong Kook (Kooki) I’d reckon.


Another nice place to meet up with friends to chill over drinks and chicken.


5) 멕시카나 치킨 (Mexicana Chicken)

If crispiness is what you look for in your fried chicken, Mexicana is a must-try for you. Deep fried in canola oil, the smell and flavor of the skin is unforgettable. Definitely better than any of those poseur-ish “Korean Fried Chicken” that you can find in Singapore. *looks at the crazy queue in 4fingers*


Image credits to

Back in the days when I was there, Shinee were the posterboys. Did I mention that Korean male pop stars look like girls? I honestly don’t mean to be rude or insulting, but they do, don’t they?


IU says hi!

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Happy Chicken Hunting! 맛있게 드세요!

Reminder: to locate any of these tasty chicken establishments, simply download Naver or Daum map apps 네이버 지도 , 다음 지도 and key in the Korean names as aforementioned.

Do you know of any fried chicken 맛집 or 단골집 that we haven’t yet and should try? Let us know!