5 must-have Items when travelling to Korea this Winter

Is it your first time to a country in the Winter? Yes? No? No matter. Here’re some cool (potentially lifesaver) advice from one who has never been out of tropics and survived -20+ degrees Celsius. Rule number one, stay warm.

1) Invest in a muffler (머플러) from random subway stations in Korea

Seriously, these are cheap, (and stylish if you pick the right colors). At 5000won a piece, you can practically buy them in every shade. Mufflers can double as ear muffs or face masks when it gets way too cold, especially with strong winds.


Image credits from www.shopping-story.co.kr


On a side note, the color to pick if you’re not sure of which one is RED. It matches everything (especially if your wardrobe is made up of mainly neutrals) and just one red muffler can take you everywhere throughout Winter.


As featured on www.elle.co.kr

2) Get ear muffs (귀마개 kwi ma geh) to keep your ears from dropping off

Again, they sell these super cute rabbit fur ear muffs which somehow makes all the girls look like they just walked out of the anime, chobits or doing cosplay. For guys like us, we can stick to the plain non fancy black ones, they work (maybe not as well as the furry ones)  even though they may look like outdated uncool headphones. Here’s an example.


Image credits to kmg228.tistory.com

The beautiful 2 Nayoung 이나영 says Hi! We think everyone wants to be her 귀마개.


Image credits to www.nemopan.com

3) Grab a bag of street snack

Munching on freshly made warm walnut paste snack 호두과자 (Ho-doo kwa ja), egg in a bun 계란빵(Kye-ran Bbang) or Fish bun with red bean paste 붕어빵 (Boong-eo bbang) managed to successfully distract me from realizing I was freezing too many a time. They taste good and they are super cheap too, at 1000-3000won per bag for the former and 500won a piece for the latter, sometimes you even get free “service” ones when you buy a few. We simply love the Korean hospitality! ^^



Image credits to xlnt.tistory.com

Here’s where we buy these from: Ghetto looking push carts called 포장마차 (Po-jang ma cha) on the streets of Korea.


Image credits to think-5w1h.tistory.com

4) Tactile gloves of good quality

Maybe only applicable to tech junkies like us, we feel that the hassle of taking off your leather gloves in the blistering snow to type out a text or surf the web and then putting them back on only to repeat the same process 8932840 times in a cold winter day is simply not worth it. When tactile gloves came into the Korean market years ago, we immediately grabbed them and never looked back. Now they come in all kinds of cool designs and colors, so now you know.


Image credit to mashable.com

5) Padded jackets / vests 

We noticed how people from tropical countries tend to either under dress or overdress for winter, not to mention they also tend to pay exorbitant amounts when it comes to winter clothing like sweaters or coats. Did you know you can get reasonably priced padded jackets from Uniqlo? Not only do we find that these are the most effective in keeping  you warm and cozy in the blistering cold, now they come in “slim-fit” versions (albeit they cost a little more)! That’s great news for fashionistas who want to look stylish and not freeze to death at the same time.



Image from uniqlo.com


Have a great trip to Korea/ East Asia this Christmas! ^^