Is the Namsan Tower (N-Seoul Tower) overrated?

I first got to know about the Namsan Tower (N-Seoul Tower) from the Korean variety show called Running Man.



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The N-Seoul Tower brings back lots of laughter and good memories from the episode. And I took a whole lot of pictures of seemingly random places that left the girlfriend confused and (???) — she doesn’t watch Running Man even though she’s been living in Korea since forever.

The lighting at N-Seoul Tower is something to behold.

The N-Seoul Tower in the day. We went during early Spring and thus not all trees had their leaves and flowers yet. It was pretty cool in the late afternoon when we got there but it got really chilly at night by the time we came down from the tower. The transition of the tower from day to night — it’s like the tower came to life at night with its vibrant dancing lights that changes color from second to second, like a night chameleon.



Lovelocks at the Foot of the Tower

So actually my primary aims in asking the girlfriend to bring me to this place are:

– Ask her to do the lovelock thingy with me (It’s a little cheesy I know but I was shy to ask ^^) which almost didn’t happen

– Take pictures like a fanboy of Running Man

Just look at the sheer number of locks, and you’d know cheesy works. I really have to hand it to the Koreans for coming up with this stroke of marketing genius. Each set of locks and markers cost about 30,000 won for a decent one (unless you’ve come prepared with your own) and they are available at the souvenir store, which is filled with lots of N-Seoul memorabilia and other random cute-sy stuff girls love. So guys, please be prepared to bring lots of money or hand out your card here. Oh, you can also purchase it from their online store. LOL.

Remember: the rule is, you write both your names on the locks + whatever promise/message and then you lock them to other locks or a spot in the wall. AND THEN, (this is the important bit) you have to THROW the key away! ^^ So that it signifies the couple will never separate.

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Just look at this whole row of love locks. That’s just part of one side of the many walls! ^^227423_10150183251571297_7618726_n

On Running Man Fanboy-ing

All these spots were featured in the Running Man series.


Where Yooce. Willis is born (Running Man)!



There’re also restaurants, a really pricey one featured in quite a lot of Korean Dramas. This particular one serves Italian. I think it’s also a hot spot for Korean wedding proposals. ^^

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The view on top

Okay, I think the view is pretty nice but it’s not like crazy nice nor photograph friendly. The whole paying to get onto the top of N-Seoul Tower, feels a little overrated. Best part was probably taking the lift, getting ears blocked from air pressure, and finding where your country is on the glass panels and how far away it is from N-Seoul Tower.

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The toilets (located at the ground floor of the tower) are pretty cool!



So, is it worth a visit?

I personally think, it’s a must-visit if you’ve never been to it before. Just to satiate your curiosity. Not sure if you’d want to visit it more than once. The things to do include visiting the mini teddybear museum, have an ice cream, and the best part’s probably the love locks. So, come up here with your significant other. ^^