Fifty-Two Weeks of Adventure Link-up Adventure #4: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

If you’re wondering what SG is like~ 싱가포르에대해 궁금하신 한국분들~~ 이 글을 보시면 싱가포르에서 1일 관광 한 것 처럼 싱가포르의 유명한 데를 다 알게 될 겁니다! ^^

Such Small Hands

Early Sunday morning we returned to Korea after a fantastic two-week vacation in southeast Asia. We had such a wonderful time with equal parts rest, relaxation, and excitement. All of our actual travel went really smoothly as well without delays or complications. If you travel much, you probably know that  that almost never happens so it was a true blessing.

From Krabi we took a short 2-hour flight straight to Singapore. We went to Singapore in part to visit some friends who are living there. (Actually, it’s the family that I used to work for back in North Carolina – the same family we visited when they were living in Shanghai last year).

This is the view from our friends' apartment. Not too shabby! This is the view from our friends’ living room. Not too shabby!

We fell in love with Singapore. Everything in Singapore is so nice and clean and beautiful. It is a city built right in the middle of a…

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