Featuring Seoul Walking Tours from Zenkimchi

You’ve got 1-2 weeks in Seoul, don’t speak Korean and wondering what to do?

Well, the usual includes sightseeing, shopping and eating. Why not try a Walking Tour program from Zenkimchi? Founded by a group of foreigners who’ve been living in Seoul for quite some time, you won’t have to worry about not understanding what the guides are saying, and you get to learn more about this vibrant city.

Recently, they launched this “Ghost Tour” that’s available for $30-35.

The description for the tour from the website.

Dark Side of Seoul Tour REGULAR EDITION ($30-35)

Every Friday

Murder! Ghosts! Sex! This is the side of Seoul that you won’t find in the tourism brochures. Take a tour down the dark alleys of the forgotten 600-year history of bloody massacres, seedy hideaways, and mourning ghosts. Stops on this tour include the following:

  • The site of a gruesome massacre
  • The bridge whose stones tell a dark story that lovers and passersby know nothing about
  • A neighborhood known to be occupied by the spirits of prostitutes who met grisly ends

Along the way we regale tales of Seoul’s famous ghosts and murderers, weird and surprising landmarks, and the ancient city’s scandalous secrets. Clairvoyants on the tour have reported that we also have a few vaporous guests who join us. Keep an eye out for them.

This is not a food tour. There will be an opportunity to buy refreshments. Ladies will receive a measure of protection from certain Japanese ghosts.

Children under 18 should not take this tour. It involves violent stories, sex jokes, and foul-mouthed tour guides.

If supernatural stuff ain’t your cup of tea, there’s this Hongdae walking tour that covers quite a lot of the places of interest in the area, andddd if you’re a fan of the youtube group EatYourKimchi, you get to pop by their studio too (not sure if you get to enter it though).

On EatYourKimchi, the girlfriend and I went down to the Youtube Fan Fest in 2013 and EatYourKimchi was so nice and funny! We love Simon and Martina. ^^ Apart from David Choi (our favorite Korean American youtube singer) ^^

Okay back to the tour, here’s the description from the website.

The Quirkiest Neighborhood in Seoul

Why go Gangnam Style when Hongdae is the place to be? This quirky neighborhood full of students, artists, bohemians, punks, hippies, and just general eccentrics is the MUST SEE stop when in Seoul. We take you on a two-hour stroll through the secret alleys to show you the coolest restaurants, bars, and clubs. Don’t worry! We’ll email a map afterward so you can go back to the places you liked best. Hongdae is the home of Korean pop culture’s future. When your grandkids think of Korean pop culture, Hongdae will be where it started.

Tour includes seeing the following:

  • A cafe with live sheep
  • Locations of the most legendary clubs in Hongdae
  • A quick stop outside YouTube sensation Eat Your Kimchi studios
  • Hello Kitty Cafe
  • A beer hall in the shape of a Czech castle
  • A restaurant done up to look like a Hawaiian getaway run by French expats
  • A camping restaurant with a pool
  • Locations of top cocktail, makgeolli, and wine bars
  • Eunhasu Cafe–made popular by Korean indie band 10cm

A MUNCH TICKET also includes the following:

  • Fried shrimp so unique that it has patents in the U.S., Korea, and Japan
  • Artisanal ice cream
  • Trendy kimbap (rice rolls)
  • Beverage of your choice at any coffee shop we visit


  • Length of tour: approx. 2 hours

  • Type: Heavy walking, tasting

  • Food types for special diet consideration: pork, shrimp

  • Suggested items: Comfortable walking shoes, bottled water, umbrella (depends), camera

  • Start location: Sangsu Station, exit 1 (line 6)

  • End location: Hongik University Station (line 2, AREX)

  • Start times: 7 p.m. (W)***

  • Ticket price: $30-50

I’d recommend this if this is the absolute first time you’re going to Korea and Hongdae, the girlfriend said she knows all of the places mentioned here and got to know about them within the first 2 months upon landing in Seoul. Did we mention there’s the Hello Kitty Cafe there too? Also, you get to check out the locations of the clubs in Hongdae. We’d talk about clubbing culture in another post but generally, the 18-early 20s love Hongdae whilst the older ones generally party in Gangnam. ^^

Food lovers. There’s a tour for you too! It’s a little pricey compared to the aforementioned, but hey, you get to feast on Korean BBQ and drink Makkeolli (since they mentioned Korean Pancakes) and take pictures of those Korean traditional drinking houses.

BPM: BBQ, Pub, Market

Out of all districts in Seoul, Mapo is the best known for Korean BBQ. We dine at the epicenter of Mapo-style barbecue for some charcoal grilled pork, aged kimchi, and raucous atmosphere. We will then head to the Jeon (Korean Pancake) Market for some cool photos and take our secret entrance into a traditional pub to chill for the evening.

So, to break it down

  • Mapo-style pork BBQ
  • Korean pancake market
  • Korean pancakes and beverages at a traditional pub

Wear comfortable shoes and bring an ample appetite. The ticket price includes all food. It also includes alcoholic beverages (within reason) at the first two stops. Beverages at the final stop are a la carte since some guests may stay longer than others. Non-alcoholic discount is available upon request.


  • Length of tour: approx. 2 1/2 hours
  • Type: Walking, eating
  • Food types: pork, pancakes, alcohol, alcohol, smoky environments (even though smoking technically isn’t allowed)
  • Suggested items: Comfortable walking shoes, umbrella (depends), camera
  • Start location: Gongdeok Station, exit 7 (lines 5, 6, AREX)
  • Usually held on: Mondays
  • Start time: 5 p.m.
  • Ticket price: $55-85