Korean Drinking Games [Part 1 Numerals]: 007, 369, Baskin Robbins 31

It’s definitely in the Korean culture to drink. What’s really cool is that they make drinking fun without requiring lots of space or ping pong balls. Today we’d be looking at Part 1 of the installation for Korean drinking games that involves numbers. Doing Math even when one is getting inebriated? Maybe that’s why Koreans are so good in Math. Lol.

One thing the girlfriend missed a lot about Korea is the fun night life. Sure, we have somewhat a vibrant club scene in Clarke Quay here in Singapore but really, nothing beats Seoul.

1) 007

So the game’s similar to the English version that we play in Singapore. But instead of saying zero, zero, seven. Just say it in Korean!

The person who starts say kong and points to someone else, then that person points to another person and says kong, then that latter points to another and says chil, and then the one being pointed at points to yet, another person and says baang! This is where the crux of the game lies:

The person being shot at doesn’t do anything.

But the ones on his or her left and right has to go : AH! and raise both their hands up in the air. Whoever who does something wrong, will be punished to drink. HAHA

2) 369

Next up, we have 369. Sam Yuk Goo, which is 369 in Korean.

Basically, the circle has to recite the numbers in numerical order starting from 1. Sounds easy, right?

Catch is: all numbers with 3, 6, 9 cannot be said out. Instead, you clap. The number of times you clap depends on how many times the digits 3, 6, or 9 appears in the sequence.

So 3 = clap once

33 = clap twice

Anyone who does something wrong, will drink. ^^

3) Baskin Robbins 31

The girlfriend said the reason why we call Baskin Robbins 31 in Korea is because the ‘B’ looks like a 3 and a 1 in the signboard.

So this Baskin Robbins 31 game simply refers to the one being stuck with the digit 31 will drink. 

You start with the digit 1. Every one has the choice of calling out anything from 1-3 digits. Meaning, if you start, you can say 1, 1 and 2 or, 1, 2 and 3. The next person will carry on, each having the choice to call out one, two or three numbers in sequence. The person stuck with 31 will lose.

Have fun drinking some soju and beer bombs whilst playing these games! ^^