Korean Drinking Games [Part 2] Strawberry Game, Image Game

Here’s part 2 to our installation of Korean Drinking Games! ^^

For those of you who’ve missed part 1, here it is. 

Okay, here’s another two popular Korean drinking games to try out with your friends. Chanced upon the KUlture TV youtube channel and found a video that has both games! ^^ It’s a really cool channel that’s great for foreigners interested in Korean Culture. I’m really impressed by the level of English the Korean emcee in the video has! ^^

By the way, KU stands for Korea University (고려대학교) which is also the girlfriend’s univ for exchange and masters course. Apart looking like it just came out of Harry Potter, like a pseudo Hogwarts,the school is so beautiful in Spring especially with all the cherry blossoms in full bloom so we both have a soft spot for KU.

Image credit: tumblr.com

Image credit: tumblr.com

1) Strawberry Game 딸기게임

This game all revolves around the phrase “I like Strawbery”, 딸기가 좋아 (DDal-gi-ga Joah)”. In the game, you start with a pre-game chant, much like Baskin Robbins 31.

Which goes like “딸기가 좋아, 좋아좋아좋아”  which is, “DDal-gi-ga Joah, JoahJoahJoah”.

Then there’s this four beat hand movement thingy (a little like the cups song), You hit the table with your hands, then clap, then point with your right thumb to the right, then left thumb to the left and say “딸기”.

Depending on which position you’re at, you chant the word “DDal-gi” different times: say if you’re the first in line, you chant it once, second, then twice, and so on. Person who gets it wrong, drinks! (Or punishment ^^, like what they said in the video lol)

And then the whole thing starts again for a new round, with the previous round’s loser starting first this time.

2) Image Game 이미지게임

As mentioned in the video, this game is a little like a variation of “Never have I ever“, which is the drinking game that Beth and Daryl played in the American Zombie Series, The Walking Dead.

Before anything, the key to this game is honesty, okay? Be absolutely honest.

First, you stick your palm out facing outwards. So it technically signifies your 5 lives? Lol.

Every one takes turns to say something like a category, or a characteristic. Something like:

“People who wear earrings.”


“People who have a dog”


“People who are popular”

Then if you or any one in the group are wearing earrings, then one finger gets folded down each time you fit the description. The person who runs out of 5 “lives” will drink. ^^

Have fun! ^^