Korean Drinking Games [Part 3]: Soju Cap Game, Titanic, Nunchi(Sense) Game

We move onto Part 3 of our Korean Drinking Games installation, which involves more action and watching what other people does in order to avoid drinking punishment.

Here’s Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed any.

So today, we’re going to learn how to play firstly:

1) the Soju Cap Game

Whenever you twist off the cap of a soju bottle, there’s this extra strap of metal piece that’s attached to the cap itself, and can be twisted into a single line. So the point of the game is to flick it, and pray that it doesn’t break off. If it does, then “the lucky one” will have to drink.

Here’s a picture of what soju (or shocho in Japanese) looks like in Korea in case you guys don’t know what it is. When #teamSOCK first tasted it, we were all like, “what is this flat vodka/drain cleaner tasting alcohol? 20 percent alcohol? Pfft. The next thing we knew, we were out cold after a few bottles. By the way, it’s a dollar a bottle in kimchiland. ^^

Image credit: files.nyu.edu

Image credit: files.nyu.edu

2) Titanic

Okay, to set this up, you’d need a beer mug half filled with beer, and a soju glass (essentially a shot glass). The idea is to get the soju glass floating on the sea of beer, and, to get it to sink, hence Titanic.

How? Players get their turns to pour however little, or much they want into the shot glass, but they HAVE to pour at least a visible drop of soju into the glass, and the one who sinks the soju glass, will drink. A soju + beer bomb!

We call this somek 소맥 in Korean. ^^

3) Nunchi (Sense) Game

Nunchi is the basis of how all Koreans behave in a social context. Please do note that East Asia is a high context society. If one does something that’s inconsiderate contextually, without saying something outwardly, then that person is said to be 눈치없다 nunchi obda, which is a lack of “sense”. The English word, “sense”, is literally 센스, in Korean, and has expanded to mean gentlemanly behavior and considerate behavior.

Every one sits in a circle. And the basic rule is you count from one to whichever is the total number of people in the group. (or at least try to, we rarely get to the end of it anyway lol)

The thing is, one person starts by calling out ONE.

And, anyone can call out TWO, but there must be only 1 person calling out the number. If two people or more clash at the same number, those people who called out during that turn, drinks.

If TWO was okay, move onto THREE. Same rule follows. People who’ve already “claimed” their numbers at the front don’t have to call out again, and they are safe for the round.

If you’re the last in the group to call out a number, you lose. And drink. ^^

Here’s JYP’s GOT7, Miss A, 2am teaching y’all the nunchi game! ^^

Have fun~! And don’t drink too much. 적당히 마셔요~ ^^