[In Full Bloom] Cherry Blossom Festival is here in JinHae, Korea!

Finally, it’s officially Spring for real! Loads of friends have been flying back home to Korea, specially Jinhae, to visit families and also, to enjoy the magnificent view of the Cherry Blossoms and other flowers in full bloom. This time, #teamSOCK will recommend a new place other than those usual suspects in Seoul (Yeouido, Hangang River Park), which is none other than Jinhae 진해!


There’s a saying going around that “The best representation of Spring in Korea would be at Seom Jin River”. Looking at the pictures provided by KTO, who can say no to that?

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You can check out beautiful sunsets atop Chan-bok Mountain.

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Recommended food to try in the area:

[Saeng Gwa Bang]생과방

  • Sam Gye Tang a.k.a Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup
  • Korean styled BBQ (Various meats: Chicken, Duck and Pork)

What’s Korean styled BBQ? Looks so 맛있어 right? 

생과방(삼계탕,한방구이) Contact No: 055-543-9944

[Jin Sang] 진상

  • Kelp Bibimbab

진상(해초비빔밥) Contact No: 055-547-1678

How to get there? (You can always plan for 2016 Spring trip to Jinhae if you’re too late for this year)


– Via GPS Navigation : Key in “창원시 진해구 중원로터리 또는 진해역”


All images featured in this article, unless otherwise stated, belongs to Korean Tourism Organization.