How I spent SGD1600 for 12 days in Korea

For those wondering how much is enough for a DIY trip to Korea~ We’ve always believed that it’s possible to navigate Korea without knowing much Korean, but never really got a chance to put this theory to the test since #teamSOCK has wonderful in house Korean speakers and native Korean business partners. This post proves that it’s possible to use English/Chinese to get around in Korea! ^^ Obviously knowing how to read hangul would really help in getting around though.


Hi world! From my instagram, I am sure many of you already know that I went Korea this January. So right now, I will be doing a guide on how I traveled Korea with just 1.6K for 12 days and I’ll be sharing my itinerary . Please note that the 1.6k is inclusive of accommodation, flights, transports, food, activities and shopping aka everything.

So yes, I traveled Korea in this January because I just want to see snow. I know it is quite funny la but yes I have never seen snow before so it is sort of one of my to-dos in my bucket list. As for why korea? We actually wanted to go Harbin because of the magnificent snow festival and also, I had traveled Korea once back in 2012 but Korea came into the picture because Nic randomly suggested it and I thought why not go Korea again…

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