Every 14th Day in Korea is a Special Day for Couples and Friends

Hello SOCKs!

By now, most of you might have realized that there seems to be a pattern for Korean celebrated quirky holidays. Well, you’re right!

We personally feel that this is Korean marketing genius at work, looking right at Lotte and all the departmental stores. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all the “key items” in each special day happens to be a Korean locally produced specialty with strong comparative advantage. Oops Economics. ^^ They give a reason for couples to celebrate or singles to whine every month so that there’s something for every one! On top of that, most events are associated with a color so it’s easy to catch on and spread around to become a trend. Simply genius, isn’t it?

Here’s a list of all the special 14th day of the month in Korea + some other special days~ ^^

Feb 14: Valentine’s Day

Mar 14: White Day

Apr 14: Black Day

May 14: Yellow Day a.k.a Rose Day

Jun 6: Ring Day (somewhat confusing with Silver Day, we guess they can be combined since they’re so near each other?)

Jun 14: Kiss Day

Jul 14: Silver Day (the gf always thought it was couple ring day lol)

Aug 14: Green Day (soju day! lol)

Sept 14: Photo Day a.k.a Music Day (noraebang and purikura day ^^)

Oct 14: Wine Day

Nov 11: Pepero Day

Nov 14: Movie Day

Dec 14: Hug Day

Dec 24~25: Christmas Eve to Christmas (although Christmas is supposed to be a time for family gatherings, in Korea this holiday is known to be a couple’s holiday)

Jan 14: Diary Day a.k.a Candle Day

I mean, look at this! This list is from an official Korean University website. It shows how serious this business is.^^