Gaming Scholarships in Korea?

As we all know, gaming is very big in South Korea, to the point that there are gaming stadiums and tv channels in the country! Recently, one university decided to take e-sports to the next step. Chung-Ang University (CAU) is handing out scholarships for professional gamers! To be precise, Chung-Ang University recognises and treats gaming as a sport.

SC2 test runs

Despite this being unorthodox for one of the top 10 Korean Universities, CAU excels heavily in art and sports. Given the strong E-sports culture in Korea, it is no big surprise! Gamers will be studying alongside other athletes from traditional sports whilst pursuing their degree. Those interested can apply for their Arts and Sports Science Department, which is well established in the country.

The private university is keen on accepting students with remarkable performances or achievements in competitive games, such as the ever popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), League of Legends, or the famous Real Time Strategy (RTS), Starcraft. They accept around 200 exchange students a year and fret not, most of these classes are in English! You may have to take a Korean Proficiency Test, though the university said it doesn’t affect your application.

Though the link I’ve provided for you is for KPLT (Korean Language Proficiency Test), you may also see TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) right here!

So for those gamers looking for a university, get your applications ready for next year! Cause the term starts in spring 😀

Images from:, and Wikipedia.