Sing your heart out in Noraebangs! Korean Karaoke Rooms!

Now for those who are musically inclined, here’s an article for Noraebang, 노래방. (You can even find these in Jjimjilbangs!) These Karaoke rooms have unique props, as compared to the ones we might normally be used to. Masks, Wigs, maracas and tambourines are provided to be used as props when singing. Though it might sound strange at first, it really does lighten the mood! ^^

tambourines 2 noraebang tambourinesThe colourful disco lights and interior lighting are spectacular too!

noraebang disco lights disco lights 2Do note that not all Noraebangs allow alcohol, so don’t get thrown out because of that! Ironically, in Korean culture, friends tend to visit Noraebangs as their 3rd stop of a gathering 3차 (Sam-Cha) (After eating at a restaurant and getting drunk at a drinking house!) Also you’d be amazed at how many of them know how to sing and dance to the latest girl group/boy group tunes!

If you’re feeling cheeky, you can “undercut” these Karaoke rooms! Usually they’d give a free 15 minutes every hour as service, 서비스. Just pay for an hour’s worth and keep bugging them with 서비스 주세요 (suh-bi-seu juseyo) for the free 15 minutes till they get tired. Soon or later, they’ll give you free unlimited time! Tried and tested by one of our writers, who got 7hours for $10! Here’s some pictures of one the most beautiful Noraebangs in South Korea, Soo 수!


Images from: tmonplus, Chorus21,,, Daum, Chincha, OhmyNews, sswhiteps