Love movies? Why not go to a DVD Bang!

Imagine having a mini theatre all to yourself as you enjoy your movies without a care in the world… That’s what you can expect when you’re at a DVD Bang!

DVD Bangs are basically DVD rental shops, but they have their own personal viewing rooms! You can easily pick any movie you’d like, inform the staff and pay the necessary fees. After that, you walk to your own private room to enjoy whatever you pick, however you please šŸ˜€ Don’t worry as they normally have a wide selection of movies, be it in English or Korean.

DVD Bang Selection dvd bang registerIf you’re the type to get hungry while watching a movie, these places are equipped with snack bars! Non-alcoholic drinks and a few small and light snacks like those you can find in normal cinema (There’s popcorn!).

Now, the rooms themselves are decked out with comfy chairs for you to lie down or lay back and you have a huge screen in front of you. Some DVD Bangs are 4D, meaning that the chairs vibrate when there’s intense scenes or something interesting coming up. But if you’re not into that, you can always turn it off. The whole point of the experience, is to customise the room or Bang to your taste šŸ™‚

In the DVD Bang, you can laugh and cheer or speak as you want, because the only other audiences are your friends. You have the whole room all to yourself.

DVD bang room 2 DVD BangIn Korea, the people perceive movie watching in cinemas as a date. So don’t get yourself into an awkward situation from a misunderstanding! Watching films at home on the other hand is something we all do for leisure and is considered normal. For DVD Bangs however, because of the privacy and seclusion you get, it’s viewed as dodgy as no one can really check up on you while you’re in there. So if the person in charge starts staring at you with an odd look, don’t be too surprised. It is entirely safe other than that, so don’t worry too much!

Images from: Daum, Tistory, Revu, Wemakeprice