Webtoons, Comics and Manhwa Bangs!

Ever heard of the age of argument where technology will replace the traditional book? Well South Korea decided to take a whole other approach, by combining the 2 together!

The beautiful amalgamation of webtoons and Manhwas… For those unfamiliar with the process, a Manhwa artist aims get serialised (hired) by a publisher. To do that, they will have to put their work up on a webtoon portal like Daum, Naver or Line. Should their work become the top rated, or most read series for several weeks, publishers will then start giving them offers. It’s a method to help test the waters for particular works, and anyone is allowed to publish their work.


Naver’s Webtoon portal

Now for Manhwa bangs, if you’re a comic bookworm, then this is the place for you! Imagine small cafe with a wide selection of Manhwas at your beck and call, ready to be read by you.

manhwa bang

When entering one, you have to take note of the payment method. Manhwa Bangs would either charge you by:

  • The hour
  • The number of books you’ll be reading

Either ways, after you’ve paid the fees and chosen your books, you can easily sit down where ever you want (so long as it’s reasonable!).  Though with all these facilities, you have to remember that you can’t borrow books, or take them out of the bang 😦

Manhwa Bangs sometimes have small cafes! You can grab a drink or a light snack while you read. (cant find a list of items they have on sale, only limited to coffee…)

Image from: emagasia, dongA