Multibangs and Game Bangs

Koreans just really loves their games, from the professional gaming scenes for StarCraft to the casual day to day mobile games. Here’s another Bang to show how much they love their games!

You’ve heard of PC Bangs, but have we mentioned Game Bangs yet?

multibang 5Imagine a room filled with some of the latest gaming consoles and a large variety of board games. Stretching from the ever popular Play Station 4, and Xbox One to the family friendly and lovable Wii, the Game Bang has everything!

But most of the time, Game Bangs don’t exist by themselves. They are usually combined with Noraebangs and DVD Bangs. These combinations are called Multibangs, and you can find them near universities and popular dating spots!

Do note though, that Multibangs are NOT arcades, they are completely different!

multibang multibang 3

Sometimes they even have competitions for popular games.


Minors are restricted from going to these bangs though. This is probably in line with the governments aim to control gaming addiction for the young. So if you’re below 19 in Korea, these places are a no go 😦

Multi Bangs may seem a bit pricey at first, averaging at ₩20,000 ($17.80 USD) an hour and sometimes going up to ₩30,000 ($26.70 USD) on weekends. Albeit not as cheap as the PC Bang or DVD Bang, Multi Bangs tend to provide complimentary snacks and drinks. Ice cream, cookies, coffee, and any light snacks you can think of are all there for you.

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