Patbingsu, A Shaved Ice Treat!

Still feeling down because of the heat? If Samgyetang isn’t your cup of tea (or soup in this case), maybe a Bingsu might just do the trick! Bingsu 빙수 is Shaved ice. Although this might sound plain, there’s plenty of variations for this Korean treat. The most traditional and common variation would be Patbingsu 팥빙수, Red Bean Shaved Ice. patbingsuThis is a fairly simple dessert, fine shaved ice with condensed milk topped off with Red beans (Azuki Beans) and some fruits. Though seemingly plain, do not under estimate its taste! These treats are very popular in South Korea, especially during the summer, where it gets ridiculously hot. For those interested in tasting these when you’re in Korea…

There are other variations to the summer treat, and the combinations are endless. Here are some combinations:

  • Green Tea Bingsu

Green tea Bingsu

  • Cheese Bingsu, (Yes, Cheese with ice!) Cheese Bingsu
  • And the most popular one right now, Mango Bingsu! mango bingsu

Mango Bingsu is trending right now (actually, everything mango related is), and today we’d be introducing 2 popular bingsoo chains! First, we’ll be talking about Red Mango. red mango frontRed Mango’s an international chain that originated from Korea, but is based in the US because it’s owned by a Korean American. Their restaurants and cafes are very well decorated too.Red mango storesHere’s their details if you’re interested:

  • Address: 3F 32-5 Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Phone: 02-3789-3102
  • Price: ₩5,000 – ₩15,000 ($4.36 USD – $13.08 USD)

And now on Can-More!canmoreCan-More is another international chain, but is based in Korea. While both chains boast equally good internal decorations, Can-More designs lean towards a more homely and cute approach. The chairs are very comfortable and some of them even have swings. Canmore swings can more internal designThis is one of their bingsus!canmore bingsu
Here’re their details if you’re interested:

  • Canmore is a massive chain in Korea, so you can find it anywhere in the city! Especially near schools or universities 🙂
  • Price: ₩6000 ($5.30 USD) onwards with unlimited toast with cream

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