Pororo the Little (Korean) Penguin!

If you have a child or a younger sibling, chances are you might have encountered this little fella!

PororoThis is Pororo, the Little Penguin from Korea. Though part of a children’s show him and his friends go about doing amazing things, that might sometimes be mischievous, for example…

Here’s a video where he built a Jet-Engine Sled. Yes, an actual Jet Engine.

The show brings about interesting perspectives on a variety of matters for kids to explore.

Here’s another episode where they try to go to space!

Here’s a list of some of the other casts of the show

Crong, Pororo’s adopted little brother.

CrongEddy, the smart and intelligent fox.

EddyPoby the Polar Bear.

PobyLoopy the Beaver

LoopyPetty the Penguin


Oh yes, did you know that Haroro or HaHa from Running man got his nickname from Pororo?


Here’s the official Pororo Youtube channel that all the episodes available in various languages.

Image Sources: PororoPedia, Pororo’s Youtube Channel.