Churros Craze in Korea

Though mainly associated as a South American, Spainish and Portuguese Cuisine, Churros have recently gained fame in South Korea!

Churros are a kind of fried dough snacks! They are either thick and long or short and knotted.

Churro Sticks

Knotted Churros

There are many different ways of eating these wonderful snacks. You could either:

Dip them in chocolate

chocolate churro

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With coffee


Coffee and churros

Or sprinkle some cinnamon on top




It’s crazily popular in South Korea at the moment. You can practically find it everywhere as nearly all the cafes and even Mc Donald’s sells it for just 1500 won!

One of the most popular shops is called “Churro 101” with the bold catchphrase “Better than a Boyfriend”. It definitely lives up to its name as the chain has recently expanded to Singapore!


Churro 101

Churro 101 Singapore

Churro 101’s Singapore Facebook Page

For those in Singapore prices tend to vary depending on the type of churros you’d like to buy but here’s a few pictures to give you a good idea courtesy of Churro 101’s Singapore Facebook Page.

Churros 101 variety

Churro 101 filled churro

Churro 101 2

For those interested in more details here’s their website (in Korean) and Singapore Facebook Page.