SM Town Kpop Tour!

In collaboration with SM Town, Visit Seoul has organised tours for SM Town Studio so foreign tourists may enjoy and experience the culture.

The tour also includes a 60 minutes dance class and a 30 minutes individual photo shoot! The song for the dance classes vary on a day to day basis, but you’ll be able to pick the one you like.

For those interested you can read up more here. It’s organized by Visit Seoul and entirely free for foreigners but you’ll have to be lucky as they select people based on a lottery basis.

FYI, the tours normally cost 30,000 ($25.53 USD) and dance classes are 80,000 ($60.08 USD). Don’t worry though as the tours are expected to continue till the end of 2016.

And now, here are some pictures from the tour!


They really love these paper dolls! For EXO fans, the exterior of the SMTOWN building is filled with these adorable 3D Caricature dolls of each EXO member and you can freely selca with your bias.


The entrance



Here are the dressing rooms. You’ll be using the same rooms if you decide to sign up for their makeover and photoshoot package.

Sehyun, EXO member sat in this particular chair!




The various studios. You can also sign up for a “vocal training” package. For those budding Kpop aspirants!



The infamous red chair which went viral on Instagram!

Red Chair

Some pictures from the styling room, fancy! The items were actual costumes used by the SM artistes!

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Some of the other studios… Normal people can sign up for these dance training, vocal classes too but they come at a “heavy price” as aforementioned.


An inside look on a filming set and dance studio!


And here’s some of the other show rooms!


Finally, the cafe~


Here’s what they sell