Changdeok Palace 창덕궁

One of the Five Grand Palaces, Changdeokgung 창덕궁 is one of the most historical buildings in Korea. Though it was the favourite palace of many princes and kings, the castle has been adorned by few decorations displaying simplicity and frugality.

Ensemble du palais de Changdeokgung

Though it has been restored several times due to wars and riots, it still retains that historic touch as it is one of the few buildings that still consists of its original parts.

Donhwamun Gate 돈화문

Changdeokgung Complex.jpg

Seonjeongjeon 선정전 Hall, built for meetings between the king and officials.

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Injeongjeon, 인정전 the throne hall



Fun fact: The stones represented the places Joseon officials had to stand according to their ranks during the king’s morning address!


Juhamnu 주합루 Pavilion, an examination area for scholars back in then!


Associated heavily with Korea’s history and culture, it was finally added onto the World Heritage List in 1997.

One of the centre pieces of Changdeokgung is (Huwon), or the Secret Garden. 후원 (literally means 后院 in Chinese)


“The garden was kept as natural as possible and was touched by human hands only when absolutely necessary” – VisitKorea


Huwon 2

It has been said that the best time to visit the garden is in fall as the “Autumn foliage is at its peak”. Walking through the garden in such a scenery as the leaves slowly fall would be beautiful.

Did you know? The palace was even used as a set for the Korean drama Dae Jang Geum 대장금 大长今