Donenu Tongsamgyeob

So recently, the boss got to go back home, to Korea! She had a fair bit of adventures and one of the more important things she experienced was FOOD. Scrumptious, mouthwatering and delicious food.


Marinated in wine or a variety of sauces, Tong Sam Gyeob (통삼겹) are thick slices of Three Layered Pork that are grilled. In this case, the pork was grilled by the customers themselves!


Besides the meat, vegetables, assorted mushrooms (oyster, straw mushrooms) stews and soups can be ordered as well for one or two bucks each. Here’s a look at Kimchi stew!


Sometimes they even top it up with a bottle of wine, here’s a picture of the Plum wine 매화수 梅花酒 the boss got while she was dining there.


There’s a pseudo salad bar filled with vegetables for wraps that’s self service and refillable, you’d think something like this would cost a bomb, but it doesn’t!

The shop in question is called 도네누 통삼겹 Donenu tongsamgyeob at YeongDeungpo. It’s a franchise and the surrounding restaurants are all famous restaurants!


There they sell meat and vegetables by the servings. For meat (pork and beef) is about ₩6,500 ($5.38 USD) onwards and mushrooms were about ₩3,000 ($2.48 USD).

price list.jpg

They also serve kalbi, which is beef short ribs, at 8500 KRW per serving. There’s a boneless version(we’re not sure if it’s pork or beef though) at 6500KRW per serving.

The total bill was $20 USD for what was easily worth over $180 USD in Singapore.

Cheap price, good food, how could it go wrong?


It’d being overcrowded could be one of them…

The only downside for this shop is that it might be hard to order the food. We’d strongly suggest you take a look at the size of the servings (they are HUGE) and be familiar or comfortable in speaking in Korean!