Incheon Traditional Culture Centre

Not sure what to do whilst waiting for your flight outbound from Incheon Airport? Why not head over to the Traditional Culture Centre in Incheon Airport?


  • Operating Hours: 7:00am-10:00pm
  • Activity Fees: Free (may vary by program)
  • Limited slots, up to 15 students per session.

Reserved for those in the departure hall of the airport, the Traditional Culture Centre has a wonderful variety of art work, performances and hands on activities.

The best bit? It’s all free!

The programmes you can do change every few months. Here’s a picture of a Najeon necklace being made!


Najeon neckalces are accessories created with the najeon technique. The method uses crushed abalone shell or sea shell (Mother of Pearl) to create a pattern. It is then finished with a natural lacquer.

Sometimes you can see it with a butterfly pattern, which represents joy, happiness, and beauty.


Other activities include making:

Ornamentally Painted Fans


Jewelry boxes out of Hanji (Traditional Korean Paper)

Hanji jewelry box 2


Small purses using Korean knotting techniques

Aside from these there are also performances:


And ‘Korea House’ has exhibitions of several Korean crafts like:


Najeon crafts


Traditional accessories and clothing

  • Jeogori and Chima

Binyeo (Hair pin)

Norigae, a good luck charm