Starbuck’s 2016 Spring Collection

Starbucks Korea’s new Spring collection is out, and they are crazily popular!

Spring 2016 Tumbler collection.png

The Butterfly series

Spring 2016 Tumbler collection Cherry Blossom.png

and Cherry Blossom series

Here are a few of the collectibles for you to check out!

Imagine enjoying a nice hot coffee with one of these mugs.

Cups and Mugs.png

Chery Blossom demi cups and mugs

Butterfly cups and mugs

Butterfly cups and mugs

First and Second Starbucks Hangeul Mug

First and Second Starbucks Hangeul Mug

Butterfly Glass Mug

Butterfly Glass Mug

Cold Cups, for your ever cold fraps!

cherry blossom cold cup

Cherry Blossom Cold Cup

cherry blossom cold cup lena

Cherry Blossom Lena Cold Cup

Pink glitter gold cip

Pink Glitter Cold Cup

Tumblers for your cold or hot drink during those long journeys


Starbucks Tumblers

Cherry Blossom Siren Elma Tumbler 355ml

Cherry Blossom Siren Tumbler

Cherry Blossom Tumblers

Cherry Blossom Tumblers

Water Bottles aren’t exactly for coffee, but they look pretty!

Butterfly Clay Water Bottle & Mint Butterfly Tumbler

Butterfly Clay Water Bottle & Mint Butterfly Tumbler

clay cherry blossom water bottle

Cherry Blossom Clay Water Bottle

Butterfly and siren glass water bottle

Butterfly and Siren Glass Water Bottles

Mint and Pink butterfly bottle covers

Mint and Pink Butterfly Bottle Covers

pink sunny water bottle

Pink Sunny and Navy Water Bottle

The ever famous Starbucks card, I personally like the Roses

spring card

Starbucks 2016 Spring Card

rose and spring card

Starbucks 2016 Rose of Charon

Thermos for drinks and food. Cause you just have to enjoy that nice strawberry cheesecake with the right utensils!

Cherry Blossom Thermos

Cherry Blossom Thermos

thermos and container

Siren Pink and Yellow Butterfly Thermos with Butterfly Container

Images from Starbucks Korea, Airfrov