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[In Full Bloom] Cherry Blossom Festival is here in JinHae, Korea!


Finally, it’s officially Spring for real! Loads of friends have been flying back home to Korea, specially Jinhae, to visit families and also, to enjoy the magnificent view of the Cherry Blossoms and… Continue reading

Featuring Seoul Walking Tours from Zenkimchi


You’ve got 1-2 weeks in Seoul, don’t speak Korean and wondering what to do? Well, the usual includes sightseeing, shopping and eating. Why not try a Walking Tour program from Zenkimchi? Founded by a… Continue reading

Korean Table Manners


Check out what our PR manager, Titus, observed about Korean Dining Etiquette during his stay in Korea!

[Korean Food/ Culture][굴 떡국 만들기] How to make ddeokguk for the New Year


Did you know that Koreans eat Ddeokguk for the New Year? It’s an annual tradition. Find out how to make delicious Ddeokguk!

[올해의 각오 2015] Share with us your New Year Resolution 2015!


Here’s to an even more awesome 2015 where we bring to you more cool things about Korea.

Find out more about our line up for 2015.

The Best 5 Fried / BBQ Chicken Places in Seoul


All fried chicken lovers would probably agree that Korea makes a wicked fried chicken. One wonders if it is the double frying technique or those unique batters which seem to have unending health… Continue reading