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[Korean Monthly 14th Series] Black Day in Korea


So Valentine’s Day (14th Feb) and White Day (14th Mar) whizzed past without a hitch in Korea this year as well. What happens to the rejected singles? The answer is: Black Day (14th… Continue reading

Korean Drinking Games [Part 3]: Soju Cap Game, Titanic, Nunchi(Sense) Game


We move onto Part 3 of our Korean Drinking Games installation, which involves more action and watching what other people does in order to avoid drinking punishment. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2… Continue reading

Korean Drinking Games [Part 2] Strawberry Game, Image Game


Here’s part 2 to our installation of Korean Drinking Games! ^^ For those of you who’ve missed part 1, here it is.  Okay, here’s another two popular Korean drinking games to try out with… Continue reading

[올해의 각오 2015] Share with us your New Year Resolution 2015!


Here’s to an even more awesome 2015 where we bring to you more cool things about Korea.

Find out more about our line up for 2015.

15 Survival Korean Phrases to Fake it like a Local


Wondering what are some useful Korean phrases (romanised to be western tongue friendly ^^) to get around Korea like a pro? Here’s a crash course.